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Bars & Pubs
Bars & Pubs Create the vibe you originally envisaged with music to suit your Bar or Pub. Our music professionals will advise on the exact style of music to suit your venue and suggest the content for perfectly blended promotional messages which can help to increase your business. Take advantage of our cost effective rental or purchase plans, and offset costs by adding third party advertisements from suppliers & related non-competitive organisations ... learn more

Restaurants Maintain the perfect ambience for any occasion in your restaurant, with an AudioBase system and solution. We will pinpoint the right music for lunch time and dinner time, from the Sunday Champagne brunch to afternoon tea. Let us programme your system, and you'll never have to worry again that someone will touch it and play the wrong music at the wrong time ... learn more

Hotels From extensive experience in the Hotel industry, we know exactly how important it is to create the right environment for guests as diverse as the weary business traveller to the family of four with time to kill and money to spend. Have exactly the right music played for all of your sittings in the Coffee Shop, and make sure your Japanese restaurant has the ambience that your competitors will envy. How about playing different music in four outlets from the same unit at the same time, and unobtrusively cross promote anything from room service to the poolside BBQ ... learn more

Banks These days where internet banking has become the norm, the street level banking experience must be one that is unforgettable. Subtly 'entertain' your customers while they wait, with classy, suitable background music which is so much more than 'audio wallpaper'. Promote your financial, insurance, mortgage and other services to your very own captive audience, and watch your business increase through enhanced customer awareness ... learn more

Spa / Fitness Centres
Spa / Fitness Centres You need energetic, exciting and melodic music in your fitness centre as far more than background music. Bring your music to the foreground with an AudioBase solution specifically tailored for fitness professionals. Play different music in up to four different workout rooms or studios, and even create your own in-centre radio station with or without pre-recorded or live DJ's - promote yoga, pilates, special membership offers or your juice bar, and increase sales of workout gear without interrupting the concentration of your members ... learn more

Casinos Competition for the high rollers is increasing, particularly in Asia, so be a step ahead of the rest by consulting with AudioBase audio systems and solutions professionals, who can advise on novel and unique ways to keep them spending, and feeling good. From personalised radio stations to the subtlest of background music - you can even have different music playing in four different rooms at the same time from the same unit, to create a new atmosphere so each gaming zone or slots area feels like a completely different experience ... learn more

Shops & Stores If you're tired of wondering why customers walk past your store instead of stopping and coming in, could it be that you're not keeping them happy musically? Most stores have the radio on, play last year's hits or a shop assistant's current favourite CD. Do away with the lack of continuity, and create the ultimate ambience day after day, which will make your customers stay longer and spend more! Not only that, you'll never have to worry about what CD is playing when you step out for a while. You can even have your very own custom-made radio station that will promote your products or special offers ... learn more

Supermarkets Catch up with the competition and have the ultimate in-store promotional tool - your very own in-store radio station! Entertain and even inform your customers, who, in a captive environment, are more likely to absorb information, whilst the ideal music is played to keep them relaxed, and non-stop shopping. Blend music with store promotions and special offers, and even offset the cost of rented or purchased AudioBase equipment by inserting third party advertisements from suppliers and products that you carry, in between the music output ... learn more

Shopping Malls
Shopping Malls Music psychology plays a huge part in encouraging visitors to spend a whole day and spend their money in a 21st Century shopping mall. Create your own in-mall radio station and encourage your tenants to advertise their special offers, whilst offsetting the cost of the equipment and even generating a profit! AudioBase intelligent software even regulates the music volume, so you'll never have a complaint about the music being too loud again! An AudioBase audio system is very cost effective, and systems can even play music in four different zones simultaneously to create a new environment. It will automatically switch to seasonal music too ... learn more

Airports Long waits for flights can create tedium in even a seasoned short or long-haul passenger, so help them to alleviate their boredom with an in-house audio solution from AudioBase that offers a far greater choice of musical styles than most of our competitors. We can help to create an environment that is not only welcoming, but a pleasure to set foot in. Play different types of music in up to four different zones from the same unit, provide entertaining announcements and offset costs with third party advertisements from shopping area tenants. Create an experience that every passenger will be talking about ... learn more

In-Flight AudioBase Producers are experienced broadcast professionals with a track record in in-flight radio production and presentation for several world-renowned International Airlines. Radio shows or non-stop music channels can be created in any language in any kind of playback format or provided with an AudioBase in-flight system, which can play up to four different channels simultaneously. Each channel can contain DJ's, promotional announcements, advertisements or suggestions for your passengers to take advantage of duty free! We can even source celebrity presenters or DJ's to add to the finished quality of your in-flight channels, and work on sub contracts with your video channel providers and magazine publishers ... learn more

Cruise Ships
Cruise Ships In the same way that a hotel offers a different selection of musical ambience in its outlets, let an AudioBase solution do the same for your cruise liner. Music can be tailored to suit every time of the day or night, and in any kind of outlet. We can even create your very own in-house radio station in a variety of languages, so that your passengers will feel at home when they tune in, in the privacy of their cabin. Have different announcements produced for each of your outlets and cross promote their services or special offers while your passengers listen and absorb, then visit and spend! Never before has this kind of service been available for fleets ... learn more

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