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Music creates a mood ...

CD LibraryEveryone knows that you can create any atmosphere with great music! And, if you are in the ever demanding service, hospitality or retail industry, then you will know just how important having great music is for your business.

So you have a CD player and a library of CD's:

Problem solved?

Unfortunately not!

CD players are fragile and break, CDs get scratched, lost or stolen, can contain tracks that you do not like, or are just not suitable. Then there are the pauses and gaps between tracks, not to mention the storage space required!

Girl with iPodOK, so how about an mp3 player or an i-pod?
That must be the solution - think again!

Someone has to be in control of filling it with 'suitable' music
for your outlet or venue. Someone has to make up the playlists and, more importantly, make sure they get played in the right order at the right time.

Your CD or mp3 library needs updating regularly, and of course, you have to ensure that your staff cannot and will not have Satanic Punk blasting away, the moment you step out of the door!

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