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Introducing ... AudioBase Systems - Hassle free music solutions

Your AudioBase system has the capability of playing completely different music in multiple separate areas at the same time! and comes complete with built-in Video Playback, Scheduling & Logging plus Dynamics Processor & Graphic Equalizer, creating amazing sound quality with 'texture' ... saving cost on additional, expensive (but necessary) equipment!

Your AudioBase system can make customized announcements (i.e. 'Happy Hour' or 'Promotional Offer' messages), for which you specify the timing and frequency of play. You also have the option to include additional, revenue generating, non-competing, 3rd party advertisements within your audio and/or video content.

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AB1000Your AudioBase system is:

  • Affordable! ... Cost Comparison (new window)
  • Automatic ... no more headaches!
  • Compact ... no more wasted storage space!
  • Completely reliable ... no more excuses!
  • Digital ... no more scratched or skipping CD's!
  • Password protected ... no more changing
    the music output without your permission!

Your AudioBase system is a totally automated playback facility that selects music from a vast playlist of your choosing and blends the songs perfectly from track to track, album to album, seamlessly, every time ... no more gaps!

With your AudioBase system, the playlists and the playlist schedule are controlled according to your exact specifications. We can modify your music styles and can create 'special occasion' playlists for your venue, which can be played exactly when you need them.

With your AudioBase system you can adjust the ambient mood of your venue throughout the day or night, as each minute, hour, day, week, month or year can be scheduled separately, in advance - leaving you to concentrate on business.


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