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Enhance your image with our Visual Solutions ...

In association with our UK partners, SEG Digital, AudioBase is the exclusive South East Asia agent for the range of SEG visual marketing software solutions, which include web-based and standalone systems, and are used by clients as diverse as McDonald's, Subway, Reckitt Benckiser, Krispy Kreme and The Compass Group.

The following are some of the products that we can supply, which can be used in a variety of applications, including retail, hospitality and food & beverage. Some of these systems, when combined with an AudioBase Audio solution can become a powerful in-house marketing tool ...

Web-smart Web-smart is the next generation in visual management software.

It is a unique, completely internet based platform. Simply by connecting to our web-smart website and submitting a user specific password, you have direct access to a platform where updating images and text can be performed in a matter of seconds and distributed across multiple sites.

i-smart i-smart software is a unique platform for the display of multiple media windows.

Media includes Live TV, video Mpeg 1, Mpeg 2, Flash, AVI, Jpeg and Audio mp3.

The software uses skin layouts with specific media scheduling and multiple ticker options.

smart-live! Smart-live! Allows you to maximise the impact of a captive audience.

Show live TV or video/DVD pictures directly onto the screen whilst informing and advertising with important promotional messages and updates.

A great feature for pubs & bars!

e-smart e-smart software enables the remote update of content over multiple sites, allowing media to be scheduled, distributed and displayed in seconds. Media includes Flash, video Mpeg 1, Powerpoint, Jpeg and AVI.

Ideally suited for retail and for POP environments, for public information and advertising purposes - putting you in control of your on-screen content!

Contact us for further details and/or pricing. Demonstrations are available upon request.

AudioBase has the perfect solution for You!

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